guibot.guibot module


Main guibot interface for GUI automation.

This frontend is recommended for use in most normal cases.


class guibot.guibot.GuiBot(dc=None, cv=None)[source]

Bases: guibot.region.Region

The main guibot object is the root (first and screen wide) region with some convenience functions added.

See also

Real API is inherited from region.Region.

__init__(dc=None, cv=None)[source]

Build a guibot object.

  • dc (controller.Controller or None) – DC backend used for any display control
  • cv (finder.Finder or None) – CV backend used for any target finding

We will initialize with default region of full screen and default display control and computer vision backends if none are provided.


Add a path to the list of currently accessible paths if it wasn’t already added.

Parameters:directory (str) – path to add

Remove a path from the list of currently accessible paths.

Parameters:directory (str) – path to add